Server Rules


Both members and non-members are required to abide by the following rules when inside the discord, and on the website:

  1. No voice/text spamming, racism, trolling, or not safe for work (NSFW) images and content.

  2. Do not exploit any glitches or bugs in game and no hacking or cheating.

  3. Report any rule violations to admins and the highest ranking 16th IR member

  4. Do not recruit for a different unit other than the 16th IR on 16th IR forums, discord, or game servers, and do not recruit for the 16th IR on other community servers, discord, or forums.

Please follow the following Server Rules in Hell Let Loose:

  1. Primary communication must be in English.

  2. Squad Leaders and Platoon Commanders must have a microphone, must communicate, and must contribute to the team effort.

  3. SL's must provide a reasonable reason for ANY kick, can't kick for kits.

  4. No Main Base Camping. Only Recon squads may attack enemy HQ’s (not recon tanks)

  5. Be Respectful, No use of racist, offensive or derogatory language.

  6. Do not troll, grief or waste any vehicles or assets.

  7. Do not spam comms or chat.

  8. Do not share intel with the other team.

  9. Any of sort hacking/cheating will result in a Ban.

  10. Repeated glitch abuse will result in a Ban.

  11. Creating a section then immediately abandoning squad leader role is a kickable offense.

  12. Admins and Moderators can kick at their discretion.

  13. No locked one man tank squads.

  14. Fight over middle point until 20 vs 20. (Seeding)

  15. No Advertising or Foreign Clan Recruitment Unless Authorized.