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What is Realism?


Realism is the simulation of military ranks, structure, and tactics in video games. Each member of the 16th IR has a rank and operates within a squad, platoon, and company. Each member learns to work together as a team. Realism usually involves realism matches where units can have scrimmages in formal settings.

Members of the realism unit participate in weekly drills designed to improve their skills as individuals and their ability to work together. After months of participating in drills, members typically notice an improvement in their combat and communication skills. When not participating in drills, members are free to socialize and play other games together.

Members of the 16th IR can increase in rank and take on more responsibility within the 16th IR by showing leadership skills, discipline, recruiting, and being active in the community.

The unit can participate in realism matches and events with other realism units in the community of Hell Let Loose. These matches and events typically run for hours and are designed to test the teams abilities to coordinate and complete objectives. These matches typically can be won by either completing the objectives or eliminating the enemy team.

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