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October 25, 2022


Cpl. Mumbles

Report Number




Working on being more aggressive and faster when attacking objectives. Our defense when holding points against attackers is our strongest asset, but we need to work harder at using grenades/smoke and rushing points to take them before the enemy has a chance to react, and getting to objectives more quickly at round start.

Positive comments:

Today's drill was a practice on Hill 400 for the upcoming official scrim. First two rounds were attack-attack with a third round as attack-defend. Cpl. Mumbles was a squad leader and team leader for the allies, T/5. Cerberus was team sniper, and Pvt. Penance was a squad medic for the three rounds we played. We were unfortunately unable to capture the first two attack points, and although we lost the third defend point, we provided a much stronger defense in the third round against the Axis team, despite lacking in both AT units and mines. Pvt. Penance did excellent work as a squad medic and was able to revive several members of the team from multiple squads, while T/5. Cerberus' sniping almost won both of our attack objectives outright. Cpl. Mumbles and T/5. Cerberus were able to work out a defense plan on the third round that maximized both 360-degree coverage and maximum overwatch of enemy attack angles, leading to a high enemy casualty count before their tanks were able to move into position. T/4 Lorens excelled at finding good overwatch positions with high coverage and concealment as a rifleman, and proved to be a crack shot taking down enemy infantry.




Cpl. Mumbles -- Assistant Squad Leader, Officer and Team Leader

T/4. Lorens -- Rifleman

T/5. Cerberus -- Sniper

Pfc. SURG30N -- Machine Gunner

Pvt. Penance -- Medic




SSgt. Trapsimus Rex

Pfc. Stiger








Leadership Comments


Platoon Leader

Platoon Sergeant

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Company Commander

Executive officer

First sergeant

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