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September 18, 2022


Cpl. Mumbles

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Leadership comms was increibly tight and clear for the Allied side, we were informed that the Axis side comms were messier, PTS was not well-respected, and it made clear communication more difficult. This was not brought about by anyone in Second Platoon, Second Squad, but it is always worth mentioning as a fundamental area of the game that we can always work to improve on. Allied commander was unaware of a rule regarding strafing runs on the scrim and how frequently they could be used per round. Working to ensure that the rules of the scrimmage are always perfectly understood by leadership, potentially also requesting a written copy of the rules beforehand, to allow leaders to review without tying up the chat lines while teams and squads are being organized. After the scrimmage, Allied commander discussed how to better communicate objectives to tank commanders and get infantry and tanks to work better together with the 70th Armored Division. Will continue to contribute to post-drill debriefings with Armor to improve how tanks and infantry work together.

Positive comments:




Today's drill was an SLT candidate scrimmage to test Cpl. Mumbles' readiness to lead an army towards securing an objective. The main focus of the scrim was the Ludendorff bridge on Remagen during the night, with the first round being an attack-attack. Cpl. Mumbles led the Allied side as commander while Pfc. Cerberus commanded the Axis side. The allied roster saw Sgt. Christorian lead Able squad as the forward attack unit, while T/5 Spaverse led Baker Squad as tank escort, flanking and reinforcement. Cpl. FrideFour was the tank commander for Allied Armor.








Round 1 saw Allied Commander send Able squad directly down the main service road and onto the top level of the bridge in a blitz maneuver to be in place before the enemy arrived. Baker squad moved North by Northeast into the village just before the bridge, while Charlie's tank took an overwatch position to the far East side of the river. Once Able squad encountered enemy contact and began taking fire, Baker squad began moving W to reinforce. Charlie's armor received fire from the enemy tank at an unknown location, and decided to shift West by SW to overlook Able on the bridge. Allied commander ordered Baker squad to begin moving forward through the underbridge level, where they encountered and dispatched an entire enemy squad. Able was able to neutralize the enemy threat at the top of the bridge with the assistance of Charlie's tank, and first round went to Allies.


Round 2 saw an attack-defense with the Allies attempting to take the enemy position at Kasbach Outlook. Able squad moved East along the Main Service Road to comprise the main attack from the South, while Baker squad escorted Charlie tank N and then NE in an attempted flank maneuver. Unfortunately, Baker squad was surprised by enemy contact and lost all but two members, including their Squad leader. The remaining members attempted to escort the tank further, but were eventually overrun. Able squad was unable to push forward into the objective, and while our tank was eventually able to make it into the hardpoint, it was outgunned.


Round 3 saw a defense of Ludendorff bridge by the Allies. Expert mine placement and hedgehogs were able to keep the enemy tank at bay long enough for Able to Baker to hold off the rest of the enemy infantry advance. We had the addition of Fox squad led my TSgt. Squeeker as a Recon unit, who positioned themselves NW of the bridge overlooking the towers to ensure enemy infantry could not deploy there. Fox eventually moved from W to E to attempt to establish a better firing position but were destroyed. Eventually, both squads were overrun and Charlie tank moved N onto the bridge in an attempt to hold the hardpoint, but were not able to keep it from flipping before match end.









SSgt. Trapsimus Rex -- Squad Leader, Allied Infantry and Recon

Cpl. Mumbles -- SLT candidate for Scrimmage, Allied Commander

Pfc. Cerberus -- Axis Commander

Pfc. Stiger -- Axis Infantry

Pfc. Fui -- Allied Infantry








Pfc. Surg30n

Pfc. LuckyShot

Pvt. Glor (ELOA)

Pvt. WolfGang (ELOA)









Leadership Comments


Platoon Leader

Platoon Sergeant

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Company Commander

Executive officer

First sergeant

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