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August 20, 2022


Cpl. Mumbles

Report Number




Our initial plan of attack didn't come together and there was an initial lack of communication between the squad members, although this tightened up as the match went on. I'd like to see us fall into clear, quick communication from the get-go and for all of us (myself included) to watch out on mic discipline and not say any more than needs to be said during rounds.

Positive comments:

The squad did an excellent job adapting to the unusual scrimmage format. The setting was an attack-defense style match on Stalingrad, with limited respawns, and only certain members of the Soviet team could use rifles, with other members attacking only with shovels and "retrieving" rifles off of dead squadmates in a buddy/honor system. We all agreed in the post-drill debrief that SSgt. Trapsimus' idea for the drill was a great one and that we all had a lot of fun playing through it.


In the initial chaos of getting the squads together and ready for the scrim, I decided on buddies for everyone in the squad, but this quickly devolved in all of the cross-chatter. As Pfc. Cerberus is an SLT candidate, I asked him to go down the list of buddies and decide which person would start with a rifle, and he did so flawlessly. Pfc. LuckyShot and Pvt. Tate did an excellent job with both the Soviet AT gun and rifle marksmanship, respectively. Pfc. Surg30n and Pfc. Cerberus coordinated to identify and track enemy armor, and successfully satcheled at least one Panzer. Pvt. Fui attended his first drill today and immediately switched to squad medic, risking his own life (and chances to have a rifle equipped) to revive teammates and keep us in the fight.




SSgt. Trapsimus Rex -- Drill Leader and match coordinator, Commander for Soviet team

Cpl. Mumbles -- Acting Squad Leader for the drill

Pfc. Cerberus -- Engineer and acting Assistant Squad Leader for the drill

Pfc. LuckyShot -- Anti-Tank

Pfc. Surg30n -- Rifleman and MG

Pvt. Tate -- Rifleman

Pvt. Fui -- Medic







Pfc. Stiger

Pvt. WolfGang

Pvt. Glor










Leadership Comments


Platoon Leader

Platoon Sergeant

Able COmpany HQ logo.png

Company Commander

Im glad Trap's drill was a success. He had doubts about what to do. No AWOLS glad to see!

Executive officer

First sergeant

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