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September 11, 2022


Cpl. Mumbles

Report Number




Most of the Second Platoon, Second Squad was able to play together, and with Pfc. Cerberus assigned as acting squad leader I had more room to observe the squad communication level and tactical play together. I am impressed with the level of play that AP2S2 displayed during this drill: I would have to think hard about any areas for improvement needed. If I would have to single out one area to keep improving on it would be clear, concise communication. Less "enemy shot me from behind/right in front of me," which worked, but "downed, enemy N, 10 meters" would likely result in other squad mates quickly identifying the threat and working faster to neutralize it.

Positive comments:

Drill for tonight was a practice run on Foy Night in preparation for our upcoming warfare scrim against EASY. AP2S2 was playing for the Allies, with several of us assigned to Baker Squad and two of us (Pfc. Surg30n and Pvt. Fui) assigned to Charlie squad. First round was attack-attack on the middle hardpoint at West Bend. Baker squad split into two separate fireteams, with three of us leading a Southeastern flanking maneuver against West Band, while the other fireteam supported Charlie in attacking West Bend from the East and Northeast. We were able to position ourselves into the hardpoint and begin a capture race, but lost out to the enemy at our defensive hardpoint at Cobru Factory and were forced to fall back to defend.


Once we had retaken Cobru, due to the timing of the drill, the strategy was shifted to focus on battle over the midpoint at West Bend. Baker was able to resume our Southern flank and engaged enemy reinforcements in the woods to the South of the hardpoint, preventing them from reinforcing West Bend while Charlie fought their way into the hardpoint from the North and East. Once we had sufficiently slowed the reinforcements coming from the South, Baker continued to fight North into the West Bend hardpoint to help secure it and prepare a defense. Although the enemy put up a good fight, with a ferocious artillery barrage and heavy armor attacking from the far South, we were able to maintain control over the hardpoint until match round end.




SSgt. Trapsimus Rex -- Drill Leader, Observer

Cpl. Mumbles -- Baker squad, Auto-Rifleman

Pfc. Cerberus -- Baker squad, Acting Squad Leader

Pfc. LuckyShot -- Baker Squad, Support

Pfc. Surg30n -- Charlie Squad

Pvt. Fui -- Charlie Squad







Pfc. Stiger (ELOA)

Pvt. Glor (ELOA)

Pvt. WolfGane (ELOA)









Leadership Comments


Platoon Leader

Platoon Sergeant

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Company Commander

Executive officer

First sergeant

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