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Saturday, October 29, 2022


Cpl. Myst

Report Number




Room For Improvement:


AP2S1 needs to recruit members so we can get new Rcts into the unit since we currently have zero privates


we need to work on alerting on pushes


making sure there is enough medics on the field of play *many people died because the lack of medics inside our elements*



Positive comments:

Pfc. ThomasFireheart:

Dramatically improved this week and enjoyed what i saw. i saw thomas stick and follow out orders, use spacing properly, respond to ping giving exact shots and elimanating enemy targets. Responded to Call outs and gave good communication back, will ask if he has any interest in being our squad medic because of the high preformance seen this drill. proud of him since last week he struggled


Pfc. Veech:

Good drill preformance today played commander and lead the group well didnt come out with a single round win and struggled with using stratgey but besides that gave him best effort to preform for the team by improvising strategy and using pinching movements in round one. i like his use of comms and sturn ability to order squads where to go. overall amazing preformance and look forward to see more from him.


Pfc. Ohiogunmaykr:

Got a good review for Ohio this week in drill wasnt able to see first hand was in a different element. was told he has good the following:

good call outs

good comms

follows orders well

would be good SL canadate

*CPL moose feedback*

Proud of this *was promoted to Pfc. this week*


T/5 Spaverse:

did spaverse things. did well attendive and followed orders


T/5. Lahey:

unknown other team probably did well knowing him


Overal Squad Positives:


Only one AWOL this week


good activity this week



Cpl. Myst

T/3. Lahey

T/5. Spaverse

Pfc. ThomasFireheart

Pfc. Ohiogunmaykr

Pfc. Veech



Sgt. Raptor

Pfc. Sergeant Rock

Pvt. Hoody



Pfc. Zerglin



Leadership Comments

Platoon Leader


Platoon Sergeant

Able COmpany HQ logo.png

Company Commander

Executive officer

First sergeant

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