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Sunday, January 30, 2022


Sgt. Anbu

Report Number




Callouts could have been more accurate in reference to locations of enemies/infantry (i.e. coordinates and bearing.)



Positive comments:

Squad coordinated suppressive fire effectively and accurately.

Communications between squad members were concise and clear.

Squad movements were good. Did not bunch up, but still maintained situational awareness and critical thinking on the fly.


Pfc. Avocado did an amazing job as a medic, healing/rezzing downed members even under fire.

T/3 Squeeker provided accurate and lethal covering fire in order to assist in troop movement, as well as allowing medic to move forward to assist downed troops.

Cpl. Lahey did an amazing job leading the squad to the locations designated for capturing the center point. He communicated often and effectively, giving each member of the squad clear goals to push towards during the drill.


Cpl Lahey, Pfc. Dent, Pfc. Avocado, Pvt. DeckGamer, Pvt. Castronovo, T/3 squeeker, Sgt. Anbu were all in attendance Saturday 29 January 2022.


Pfc. Chefmoto, Pvt. Robingle, and Pvt. KozyStrats were not in attendance and did not notify myself nor Cpl Lahey of their potential absence.

Leadership Comments

Platoon Leader


Platoon Sergeant

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Company Commander

Executive officer

First sergeant

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