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Ban Log Report

Ban Log Author:

Created Date:

T/4 Draco

Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 10:12:03 PM UTC


Player Name:

Abominable Whiteman


Permanent ban

Player STEAM ID: 


Rule Violated:

Be Respectful, No use of racist, offensive or derogatory language.

Reason for Ban:

The player joined in a squad commanded by Pvt. Veech. When there was an disagreement over directions/orders, the player suddently displayed increasingly aggressive vehavior towards Veech. When asked to stop/calm down, the player started insulting Veech directly, including as "fucking iditio" abd "literal child" and "cry to your dad". When threatened to be kicked from the squad, he stated that if he was kicked by Veech, he'd teamkill him.


When Veech then asked for an admin, the player only responded in chat with "cry more".


We do not tolerate disrespecting behavior towards anyone on our server, especially not fellow 16th members.

Supporting Documents:

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