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August 27, 2022


Cpl. Mumbles

Report Number




The squad overall performed very well: lack of overall map knowledge was our biggest obstacle for this drill, we were unable to anticipate where the enemy was most likely to be attacking from, and didn't have fully realized counterattack routes for the first two rounds. We ended up losing a fight to a tank with an AT gun because we didn't anticipate how slow it rotates and should have pre-prepped, so increasing our map knowledge and knowledge of ancillary mechanics including satchles, AT guns, and engineer defenses will improve our tactics the more we play together during unofficial drills and hangout nights.

Positive comments:

Everyone at the drill did an excellent job of keeping comms clear when needed, following orders immediately, and making strategic suggestions at appropriate intervals to imrove our chances for success. Although we lost the first two rounds, Pfc. Cerberus' suggestion for a wide Southern driving flank at the outskirts of the map in a transport truck, to come back around for an eventual NW flank on the enemy objective, allowed us to end up capturing the point in the bonus third round. Lucky did an excellent job sticking close to Cerberus' AT as a Support with explosive ammo, and Fui was able to revive Cerberus in the third round despite the whole squad being out of smoke grenades to help get him up so the three of us remaining could get into the hard point. Great gameplay all around.




Cpl. Mumbles -- Acting Squad Leader

Pfc. Cerberus -- Anti-Tank

Pfc. LuckyShot -- Support

Pvt. Fui -- Medic


Note to Leadership: Pvt. Thomas Fireheart was a guest in our squad for the drill and did an excellent job at his first drill! He followed orders exceptionally well, took the inititiave to scout out areas when appropriate, and maintained a positive attitude even during some of the more difficult parts of the exercise or when he went down.







Pfc. Stiger

Pvt. WolfGang

Pvt. Glor

Pvt. Brick Tamland







Pfc. Surg30n -- I reached out to him today and confirmed that he had forgotten what day it was today. I am currently confirming that his pc can run Hell Let Loose and will offer to DM him on drill days in the future if it would help.

Leadership Comments


Platoon Leader

Platoon Sergeant

Able COmpany HQ logo.png

Company Commander

One AWOL your on top of. Couple of LOAs. Glad to hear about Thomas, make sure to keep an eye out on em for SLT material when he hits PFC. As for squad AOI, sounds like you realized your mistakes, just adapt and move forward. Also, map knowledge is important, but sometimes firefights come down to luck. Remember just because you know the map, and you think the enemy might not come from a specific direction, does not mean that they wont try!

Executive officer

First sergeant

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