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Technician Third Grade


Bale was issued a demerit on April 16th 2023 for his personal attacks towards Saintly in S4 chat during the scheduling of the in house tournament. It will lift on June 16th, but in the mean time he is ineligible for promotions and official events. His exact words were: "Talk real tough when it's in text chat huh little fucking cunt, last time it was delayed was because it was a holiday dumb fuck and was going to be on an official drill time, it's fucking Easter, I know your just a fucking loser no one cares about but other people have family they have to spend time with, so why don't you keep your mouth shut and let command decide, after all they are the ones who decide what happens not you".

On the evening of June 18th 2023 a new recruit was playing on the official HLL servers and was griefing and team killing, and then baiting his team mates into killing him in an attempt to get them kicked for team killing. Throughout his behavior Bale was encouraging the recruit to behave poorly and giving him new ideas of how to grief people.

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