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Ban Log Report

Ban Log Author:

Created Date:

T/4 Draco

Friday, June 24, 2022 at 7:56:04 PM UTC


Player Name:

Sam Hyde


Permanent ban

Player STEAM ID: 


Rule Violated:

Be Respectful, No use of racist, offensive or derogatory language.

Reason for Ban:

This player was banned with approval of our Head-admin for their inappropriate behaviour on the steam community forums.


As a note, we rarely ban for reasons outside of our server. However, the attitude showed towards other community servers, as well as generally inappropriate behaviour (such as harassing other members on HLL forums, or setting the steam name to "lgbt+=pedophilia") that lead already to a ban on the HLL forums, isn't something we want on our server. We want to offer a fun experience for all players on our server, and seeing how they are trashtalking other servers publicly for enforcing similar rules as we have, we seriously believe that allowing them to keep playing on our server isn't doing any good.


If they see harassing others as part of their "free speech" (to quote them from mentioned steam post), then they are free to make this on their own server. But we won't offer a platform for that.

Supporting Documents:

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