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Ban Log Report

Ban Log Author:

Created Date:

Pfc. Cerberus

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 12:24:29 AM UTC


Player Name:



TempBan - 2 days

Player STEAM ID: 


Rule Violated:

No Main Base Camping. Only Recon squads may attack enemy HQ’s (not recon tanks)

Reason for Ban:

I was notified by SergentRock that the Allied team had non-recon players camping their HQ. As the round ended before I could visually confirm for myself, I looked at the logs and was given the name of one of the players at Arty who was being killed on spawn there. Marketfresh was one of two main perpetrators as confirmed by the logs and visual confirmation of the player's class being AT. The player left the server before I could speak or punish him, thus I decided a two day ban to be appropriate at this time.

Supporting Documents:

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