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Ban Log Report

Ban Log Author:

Created Date:

Sgt. Kush Jesus

Monday, July 18, 2022 at 3:56:37 PM UTC


Player Name:

Big Texas McButtrapi



Player STEAM ID: 


Rule Violated:

Be Respectful, No use of racist, offensive or derogatory language.

Reason for Ban:

Player was harassing other members of the server and made a comment that used a derogatory slur against mentally handicapped individuals. Chat logs records below, From KJ <3 With Love.



05:19:20 - Mon, Jul 18 CHAT[Allies][Team] Big Texas McButtrapi: ncp bullet: I'll debate with you when your Engrish skills advance beyond mongoloid. Until then, tell your wife I'll be over to tear it up later you cuck. (76561197974592639)

Supporting Documents:

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