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Ban Log Report

Ban Log Author:

Created Date:

Captain Donofrio

Sunday, February 27, 2022 at 2:27:09 PM UTC


Player Name:



Perma Banned

Player STEAM ID: 


Rule Violated:

Be Respectful, No use of racist, offensive or derogatory language.

Reason for Ban:

At approximately 9:15 AM EST on February 27th, 2022, the player (then a 16th recruit), harassed a member of the 16th (Axelotly). The player then followed Axelotly into discord public channel and preceeded to be hostile toward him. When told to stop, and asked what was going on, the player claimed that the diaglogue was between that person and them.


The player then calmed down when told to, muted their mic, and then proceeded to talk in an african accent, which changed from a voice without an accent previously. When asked the player what he was saying, the player then said he forgot to mute his mic.


When addressed by the Captain of the regiment, the player ignored the captain, (in an african accent) and proceeded to address the captain with derogatory language.


Supporting Documents:

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