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About Us


     16th Infantry Regiment (16th IR) is a virtual realism unit based in the game Hell Let Loose, available on Steam. Each member of the 16th IR is assigned a rank and each soldier is assigned to a squad. Squads work together as one unit under their squad leadership to complete objectives and tasks, using real military tactics. Squad members meet once per week to have drills where they practice working together as one unit. The entire platoon also meets once per week where several squads have the opportunity to play and coordinate together. When members are not attending squad or platoon drills, they are free to be on the 16th IR server, playing with the public.

As Hell Let Loose continues its developmental journey, and as the 16th IR continues to grow in members, our ambitions grow. It is our goal to eventually allow us to participate in scrimmages against other realism units. If becoming a member of a virtual realism unit sounds interesting to you, consider visiting our forums, discord, and public server, we always have a place for you here.

What is realism you ask? Click below to read more about it.


The 16th IR is based around the U.S. military ranking structure during WWII. Find out more.

Server Rules

All players are asked to follow our rules when on our servers. Read more below.

Joining the 16th IR is an easy process. Click here if you want to know how.

Enlistment Process



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